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Twilight Lawns Poetry Corner

All welcome - So long as you behave yourselves


(Celia and Mrs Oulde-Cashe are reminded that the bookshelf near the door to the lavatory contains poetry books which have been placed there as an inspiration. These  books of poems are not for removal for gifts for Friends & Relations

Please return the copies you removed last week.  

Failure to do so will incur a fine.


We have been very fortunate during the last few months to have acquired a new resident.  This personage is none other than Mr Jack Lincoln Palmistry, the Former Poet Laureate.  Mr Palmistry, after his mental breakdown, with which most of you will be familiar, came to Twilight Lawns plc to convalesce.  He fitted in so nicely, that he decided to stay with us, and left his charming little pied-à-terre in Halstead, Essex, to make his home in the Lord Kitchener Wing, where we hope he will be happy during his final days.


Mr Palmistry, the dear man, has kindly taken on himself the mantle of Mentor and Artistic Director, and consequently runs a Poetry Workshop every First and Third Tuesday of the month.


All residents are welcome, and for a small fee, will be encouraged to bare their souls poetically as they gather around his knee (metaphorically speaking) to learn the beauties of Iambic Pentameters and Heroic Couplets.


Paper and writing implements are available for sale in the book store near Nurse Smythe’s office,


Please note: Cissie is reminded that "to bare one’s soul" is a poetic device and there must not be a repetition of the Rape of the Sabine Women Tableaux she organised at the last Spring Equinox.


Those of a bellicose disposition will only be permitted to write in crayon. Mr Temple and Miss Hortense de Cline are welcome under the understanding that there must not be a repetition of the dangerous use of sharp metal implements as in the fracas at the Cut and Colour Workshop run by Sister Ignatius Loyola last year.


(Sister Ignatius Loyola is apparently recovering from her wounds, but will not be returning to Twilight Lawns plc in the near future).

The above is an advertisement for Dulcie cards.  

All names & addresses are purely fictional; any similarities between persons, living or dead are coincidental & the product of a deranged mind.

Muses dancing

The Nine Muses dancing with Apollo.  

(Or conversely:) Some of the Ladies of the Poetry Writing Corner having a jolly time with Mr Jack Lincoln Palmistry

(Poet Laureate, Retired).

Rape of the Sabine Women 1

No doubt the inspiration for Cissie’s Rape of the Sabine Women Tableaux which needlessly degenerated into such a farce at last year’s Spring Equinox Celebrations which she and another (unnamed) silly person organised without Matron’s permission.


It is still not clear how Cissie and friend (unnamed) managed to get into Matron’s private apartments at Twilight Lawns and to drag this priceless work of art into the Communal Areas.


Please note: Due to this unashamedly silly and irresponsible act, poor Edith will never really get over her fear of heights.  It was fortuitous that Eulalia Hawkins (Mrs) was there to break her fall.  Verisimilitude is all very well, but the poor gentleman with his arm above his head so reminds one of Eulalia Hawkins (Mrs) just before Doris dropped Edith.  It is etched on one’s mind like the image in an old and vivid Daguerreotype.


Happily Eulalia Hawkins (Mrs) only suffered light bruising and a headache.