Twilight Lawns plc



Twilight Lawns Location


Twilight Lawns

Residential Home for Distressed Gentlefolk,


is located in the lovely County of Surrey.  

Travelling to Twilight Lawns by Railway Train:

The nearest railway station to the Home is Norbury Station, served by both the

London Bridge and Victoria lines.

Prospective Visitors and/or Prospective Residents are advised that it would be wise to inform the home beforehand if planning to visit, and, at a very small, nominal fee, our Mr Mould (our Head Gardener) will be pleased to collect visitors from Norbury Station in the Twilight Lawns char-à-banc.  

Conversely if one would like a less scenic and somewhat nastier ride, there is a quite pleasant chap at Tamil Taxis which is located near the station;

 he will no doubt be willing to take your money for the trip.

It would be foolish to try to approach Twilight Lawns on foot, as there is a rather distasteful group of people in the vicinity, footpads and such, whom one would be wise to avoid.


Travelling to Twilight Lawns by Private Automobile:

After passing through and leaving the picturesque little village of Thornton Heath, instruct you chauffer to leave the London Road at

the Alabama Fried Chicken Emporium.

Travel for two miles down Punjabi Avenue till you take a sharp right past

White Trash Villas into New Cannery Row.  

Continue down New Cannery Row for a further mile, cross the level crossing at the Southern Region Marshalling Yards.  

At the Dog’s Swamp Roundabout, take the third exit and continue till you arrive at the gates of Twilight Lawns, Residential Home for Distressed Gentlefolk.  

Do not be confused about our large signpost that some local wags have painted over and re-written the legend thus:




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The above is an advertisement for Dulcie cards.

All names & addresses are purely fictional; any similarities between persons, living or dead are coincidental & the product of a deranged mind.

CC Twilight Lawns

Twilight Lawns,

Residential Home for Distressed Gentlefolk,



Photo’ taken before the fire that gutted the West Wing following the

Festival of Light Tableaux

performed by

Beryl Makeshift-Pugh (R.I.P.)

CC Beryl in Candles

Beryl Makeshift-Pugh

1911 - 2007


As she would, no doubt, like to remembered,

in her costume as the 

Festival of Light Fairy.

Retirement Home for Impecunious Gentlefolk