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My roof, as you can see on the left, was in poor condition. Rain was coming into the room below. This was because the old zinc valleys were old and damaged through "wear and tear".


A bit of a sorry state you must agree.


We called in Dan Lee and I was pleased and feeling optimistic because he explained in detail what was needed and why. He also explained what materials could and should be used and we went for the best option: lead.  Both valleys needed doing and he made a very good deal for the pair.


We never felt as if we were being pressured to undertake work that was not necessary.

Roof Before 01

Work in progress


These four pictures show how Dan's men have removed the old zinc from the valleys on both sides of the apex.


Then the tiles from on either side have been stripped back and supported, showing that the correct lead (Code 4) is being installed.


Finally, rebedding two ridges on the apex and rebedding tiles on both sides of the valleys.

Roof During 01 Roof During 03 Roof During 02 Roof During 04

A panoramic view of my road, showing an excellent job being done.


This was no casual tinkerign. These guys really did what Dan had said.

Old battered zinc removed.The tiles along the edge stipped back completely so that the new Code 4 lead could be inserted properly and turned to avoid any water enteringthere again.

Job done - and job done well.


The valley, the roof, the workmanship! I cannot complain about anything here. It looks so much better than it did before, and I hope that it is obbvious for anyone looking at these pictures, what a good job has been done.




Roof After 01 Roof After 05 Roof After 02 Roof After 04 Roof After 03

A recommendation


I can honestly say that I can recommend Dan Lee and his men for the work that he has done on my property.


I know that if I ever have any need to call on him for any other matter, I would do so immediately.

I certainly would recommend anyone who wants a good and reliable tradesman to go to Dan Lee.

Posted by Ian,

in Norbury,

London SW16