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Les Dawson


We at Twilight Lawns are always ready to hear from you with your kind thoughts, your suggestions, you donations of money for our worthy cause.  In the Spirit of Service exemplified by my predecessor, Doris Goode-Hope (pictured), we say:  


"Our doors are always open;

Our hearts and eyes await your kind words, deeds and donations"


N.B. It would be unwise to attempt to enter the Grounds of Twilight Lawns without letting us know beforehand, especially if there is an R in the month. To make a proper appointment to visit would be a sensible precaution. Cissie and Gertrude have been known to maul intruders, and Mrs Eulalia Hawkins, when caught in a bad mood, has been known to pole-axe a grown man with one blow of those greats fists of hers.


Best wishes, and hoping to hear from you soon,


Beryl Pugh (Secretary)



The above is an advertisement for Dulcie cards.  

All names & addresses are purely fictional; any similarities between persons, living or dead are coincidental & the product of a deranged mind.

Twilight Lawns plc

Residential Home and Care Facility

Catering for a Better Class of Elderly Person

‘The Twilight Lawns Chronicles’ by Ian Dorking-Clark

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