Twilight Lawns plc


Queen of the Nile

Scenery created by Nurse Smythe and Mrs Eulalia Hawkins

with admirable help from Józef, Czcibor & Wladyslaw.

Actually these are the plan projections for scenery for Act II, Alexandria on the Nile.  Nurse Smythe assures us that with complete cooperation and participation from her little helpers this will be a reality on the night.

Twilight palace Cleopatra

A Brief Synopsis of the Play

(Those with a Classical Education shouldn't need this)


Cleopatra is the tale of a very naughty and headstrong girl who gets up to some mischief with several foreign gentlemen. Mind you, she is foreign herself, so it’s to be expected… foreigners are like that, on the whole.

One of the gentlemen being Julius Caesar, who was old enough to be her father; and the other was none other than Mark Antony, who should have known better.


Act I


Cast in order of appearance

Act II

Alexandria - by the Nile

Cast in order of appearance.

Twilight Neville and Cook in close harmony

Neville and Cook share an intimate moment during dress rehearsals.

The above is an advertisement for Dulcie cards.  

All names & addresses are purely fictional; any similarities between persons, living or dead are coincidental & the product of a deranged mind.

flandrin Young Male Nude

Czcibor has a little trouble remembering his lines. He goes over them in his head while he waits to be fitted with his costume for his role as Mark Anthony.  


Matron, in her capacity of costume designer (Men), leaves no stone unturned in choosing the correct fabric; making the most minute measurement adjustments; creating an outfit as historically accurate as possible, with no expense, and with as many minor modifications as necessary.


However, thinks Czcibor, as does Raj, Matron should have remembered his inside leg measurements by now.