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Christmas 2016


Please note: This, below, is one of the offending articles referred to on the previous page.


It was confiscated from one of the sillier Residents on the Princess May of Teck Wing, The Hon. Hermione Bagshotte-Thring, formerly of Loose Chippings, Little Bagshotte-on-the-Mire, Norfolk.

The Hon. Hermione Bagshotte-Thring, being the relict of Archbishop Clarence Bagshotte-Thring, should have known better. He, being a gentleman of the cloth should have educated the silly woman and shown her the errors of her ways – as her own mother obviously had neglected to press her education in that department.





























But cast a glance, just take your time,

And see if you can find

Which child and mother are the ones

Which creep into my mind.

















They fled to countries far away

For refuge and protection.

Sought sympathetic ears to hear;

Sought charity, regardless of complexion.














And now I’ll give up using Common Metre [a poetic metre consisting of four lines alternating between iambic tetrameter (four metrical feet per line), followed by iambic trimeter (three metrical feet per line)] in A B C B verse pattern, which is the usual verse form of Christmas Greetings Cards.

And why? Because I want to.


Please forgive me, all at Hallmark!








Now here's a lovely little card

I think you will agree

About a child I think you know,

A famous refugee.





















Each child and mother fled their home

In danger of their lives.

A brutal despot their death decreed

With violence, swords and knives.
















One little family fled to Egypt,

And others to the West.

For when genocide thus harries them,

Scant choice for the dispossessed.



A dreadful "christmas card" Found in the possession of The Hon. Hermione Bagshotte-Thring, formerly of Loose Chippings, Little Bagshotte-on-the-Mire, Norfolk.

1475_madonna_and_child_2k 2B53A50600000578-3196198-Survivor_A_Syrian_migrant syria-mother-and-child motherChild Syrian baby and mother Syria 2016 Mother and child in chaos Christmas 2016 Refutation


For those of you who would appreciate the finer things of life, may one suggest that it would be better to press the button above.

This should take you to a page which will provide a much more suitable and socially acceptable Christmas card, rather than the monstrosity above.


Best regards,


Hilda Plantagenet-Featheringstonehaugh

Let us all celebrate, not only the birth of that little boy, that refugee,

who, with his parents, is remembered in this Blessed Season.

But let us also celebrate the lives and courage of those who also fled from terrible dangers, from fear and destruction of their homes and all they knew.

   Perhaps they will, some day, return to their own lands and start again.

       Perhaps they will stay where they found refuge and a helping hand.

            Perhaps their lives and deeds will shine as beacons in their new homelands.

                 Perhaps their lives and deeds will amount to little above the norm.

But now they have another chance, and let us all celebrate their safety and thank God that they, at least have survived as long as this.

And that now, with our help and from "All Those of Good Will" they may now be able to reconstruct their live.


Happy Christmas to you all