Twilight Lawns plc

A Tribute

Nurse Smythe -

a Ministering Angel

Twilight Nurse Smythe 2

A lovely old photograph that has come to light recently.

In it we see Nurse Smythe, Blessed Guardian Angel that she is, hovering over, and ministering to, the prostrate figure of
Hilda Plantagenet-Featheringstonehaugh...
(our present beloved Matron)
Perhaps Hilda (the dear soul) had just returned from a shopping expedition to Harrods or Fortnum and Masons; or perhaps she had been handing out largesse to the poor and needy...
(more probably the former).
This sweet reminder of a gentler age shows the strong bond that existed, and exists today, between the two friends;
Mistress and Servant; Management and Staff.
Employer and Employee
Only class separates them... This is as things should be!

‘The Twilight Lawns Chronicles’ by Ian Dorking-Clark

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